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LATEST BOOK: GLORIOUS RAIN written by Phil Hope (E-Book/Kindle/Mobi)

A book of 36 poems is available from all reputable online bookshops

Glorious Rain is an inviting collection of 36 authentic and meaningful poems crafted by English poet Phil Hope.

The material is contemporary in style, easy-flowing and often uplifting, soulful and thought-provoking.

The topics are varied, with a number on the importance of respecting Mother Nature and not upsetting the fine balance that exists on our wonderful planet (which Phil refers to as 'our priceless blue jewel'). Some fine examples of such poems are:- 'Sustainability', 'Much Like a Fool', 'Mother Nature, Architect of Life' and 'Raging Storms and Hurricanes'.

Another topic is the appreciation of life, including Phil's favourites:- 'Evergreen', 'Towns and Places' and 'Skies are Blue'.

Check out 'Lonesome Hobo Traveller who Knew' for an absorbing take on the really important things in life. (E.g. Love and peace not greed or fame).

Other favourites include the thought-provoking 'Cities beneath the Sand', 'Seas of Love' and 'Many Roads that we Travel'.

The book takes its’ name from a poem Phil wrote after he visited the wonderfully atmospheric St Nectans Glen, near Tintagel, Cornwall.

He produces all of his own cover designs and uses his photographs for his books, adding further personal authenticity to his publications.

Other books to date are:-

The Light of a New Sunrise
(Released 2016)  

This book was, perhaps, considered to generally represent Phil’s best work to date i.e. prior to Glorious Rain.

From the poem ‘The River (is Long)’:  

The river is long and we sometimes get     things wrong                                                         as we follow its turbulent course                   on our journey from its highland source         down to the mighty ocean...

Buy today! - take a journey and be amazed with the dynamics of each and every page.

Chasing Rainbows
(Released 2013)

Features Once a Writer, Always a Writer, Chinese Lanterns and Breaking Dawn (See Youtube Links on next page)

From the poem ‘Once a Writer, Always a Writer’:

 Once a writer, always a writer                    I’m on a mission to find words to inspire  you  Draw out those hopes and dreams  inside of you...

Chinese Lanterns and Breaking Dawn - please see link below and on thenext page.


(Released 2014)

Much of the material has been written in a way that is thought provoking and importantly offers inspiration to the reader.

Features well received poems such as Mother Nature, Casting Shadows and Crossroads 

From the poem ‘Casting Shadows’:

 Flickering candle in the hall                              to this vast mansion standing tall              The people they come and go                casting shadows on the wall…

Forever 21

Phil's first book (Released 2009)

Features the poem ‘Ability’ (see Youtube link on next page).

Forever 21 was well received at its launch in 2009 with 5 star Reviews. Forever 21 was written under his pseudonym of Phil McClean and published by Authorhouse.

 From the poem ‘Ability’: 

There’s good, there’s bad                          there’s fun times, there’s sad                        Life has its’ ups and downs                          ride those waves and turn things around…