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•Phil Hope•

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Phil is an English author and poet born in Devon in 1966. Although Devon-born, Phil grew up and still lives in Essex with his wife and family. He has written five books to date.

The material is an uncompromising, unique, modern free-style – often lyrical with natural rhythm, creating vivid, colourful images and meaningful perspectives. 

The author produces all his own artwork and designs for his books adding further personal authenticity. 

He has received a great deal of positive feedback from excellent sources e.g. 5 Star Rating from Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review and Leisure FM, where he has been interviewed and had material broadcast on the radio. There is also a Youtube channel featuring a good range of his work. (Please click on the 'You Tube Links' at the top of this page to access the channel). 

Phil teamed up with friends Peter Morris (Sound Engineer) and Robert Crighton* and recorded a number of poems read by Robert which have since been released in audio format and available for download. For more information click on the following link: (Forever 21 album). 

* Robert is a renowned actor/playwright/writer from Suffolk, England,for more information visit -

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his latest publication (May 2019) entitled: